Data Cables

The foundation of a home is instrumental in determining the quality and longevity expected from your house. The same can be said for the voice and data cabling systems installed for your office phone system or computer network. These systems carry your most valuable property: your data. Without a proper network cabling system, your security can be compromised and your assets can be lost. ISSL takes a straightforward, preventative approach to network wiring that ensures your network keeps your data safe.


Your network cabling is the physical layer that allows each of the different devices (phones, fax, routers, hubs, computers, etc.) to exchange data. Proper design, planning, and installation can contribute to improved system performance, availability and security for all network cabling systems.


ISSL offers many voice and data cabling solutions, but ensuring that a warranty of a considerable time is available to all of our clients who allow us to manage their cable structures is what differentiates us from less cost-effective and commited competitors.

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